Roanoke VA Family

Roanoke has had sooo many days this month of rain, flash floods, and cloudy skies. But clouds are also a great opportunity to get those rich colors that you won’t get with bright sun. I was beyond excited to meet up with this new small business owner and her husband who is a Roanoke City first responder police officer for lifestyle photos with their sweet little toddler. I mentioned in the beginning that we wouldn’t do many posed photos and they totally went with it like pros!      


Spring at Ft. Hunt Park

I went through a period when I was looking for epic locations in Virginia to do all my photo shoots. Honestly I will still happily drive 1-2 hours if there are sweeping views or amazing evening light, but my new outlook is to take inspiration from locations close to home and try to create something special from places we in the Ft. Hunt/Mt. Vernon area see every day. For the past couple of weeks I’ve had Brent drop me off at the end of Ft. Hunt Rd (by the park) so I could run home and get in my 3


Sunset Maternity

I haven’t posted much at all lately – my last photography session was 2/29, before we had any idea how this pandemic would affect everyone’s lives. I am so grateful that I got do it though because it was a maternity session with my cousin Paige and her husband Brian. They drove up from Tennessee and we were lucky to get a golden sunset that evening – not so lucky to have a 20 degree wind chill but we braved it and they both handled it like pros! 🙂 Here are a few of my favorites from that cold afternoon.


Valentine’s Newborn

I was so happy to be able to take these photos of this lovely family last week! We had planned for 2/13, but the rain and clouds were still lingering so we decided to try for 2/14. The sun came out beautifully and we had just the right amount of window light. I loved seeing this couple and their little guy and remembering when we brought Allen and Cameron home for the first time! Congrats S & G on your new addition!!


Newborn Family Session

Just a couple of months ago I did maternity photos for Kelly and her toddler V, and when her baby girl was born I couldn’t wait to meet up with the whole family for a session in their home. V kept me company and showed me some of her books and stuffed animals while I took pics of the nursery. One of the best parts about what I do is getting to know so many people & young families who I probably wouldn’t cross paths with since my boys are now teenagers! It was so fun for me to have



Hello, I’m Sarah! Nothing would make me happier than documenting your family in my Old Town Alexandria studio or in one of the many gorgeous locations in northern VA or Washington, DC.