The Simple Sales System – Blueprint Review and Discount

Simple Sales Blueprint: A Review

If I had to guess, money is probably not the sole reason you started your photography business. It’s not why I started mine.

  • My two sons were going to college and I needed a new focus, something I would feel passionate about.
  • After working as a graphic design consultant for 20 years, I was looking for a new career path.
  • And, I was looking for a way to make more personal and meaningful connections with my artwork.

Did I need my new business to replace my salary I was making with my graphic design business? YES. However, while money is NOT the sole reason I started my business, it IS what keeps me in business.

If you’ve ever wondered about your prices, when to raise them, how to determine your salary as a photographer, and how to set your financial projections, you NEED to check out Annemie Tonken’s Simple Sales Blueprint.

Graphic of the Simple Sales Blueprint

I have been using the Simple Sales System Blueprint for 18 months and every time I look at my numbers and compare to 2019 and 2020 I am blown away. This system is different from any other course I have seen, and it’s too good not to share because it works for me, it works for my clients, and it makes the ordering process so easy.

When I officially started my photography business in 2017, I offered all-digital inclusive packages. I realized that the only way to make more was to keep raising my prices or take on more sessions, so in the winter of 2019 I decided to change to in person sales (IPS). It didn’t take long to realize I did NOT like the “salesy” feel and pressure of asking clients to make a decision on what photos and products they would like in just an hour.

How is Simple Sales Different?

Simple Sales offers families the choice of 3 collections at different price points, and what I love is that every collection contains digital images and print credit, and they have a whole month to choose their images and decide how they would like to use the credit in my online store.

A photographer friend told me about Simple Sales, and even though I was hesitant to purchase yet ANOTHER course, I can honestly say that the results I am seeing from this investment made it 100% worth it! Annemie is so relatable – she explains step by step how to set up the system, and includes videos and worksheets with each module.

Photo of a laptop with Simple Sales Blueprint running on it

Which is why I felt compelled to write this to other photographers out there, because I really do believe a rising tide raises all ships and this worked so well for me I wanted to pay it forward.

If you are thinking about Simple Sales Blueprint and are ready to purchase, use the code SDPSS at checkout to save $100 off the course. 

If you haven’t heard about Simple Sales Blueprint yet, and want to learn more, I highly recommend starting with the free master class here and then don’t forget to use the code SDPSS when you do check out to save yourself $100. (In full transparency, I do make a small commission from these sales, but that’s not why I share. I’m happy to be able to offer you a discount on a product I truly believe in.)

I am happy to answer any questions you may have – I can honestly say Simple Sales Blueprint changed my business and client experience!

Purchase Simple Sales Blueprint here


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