Cascades Hike

The Cascades in Pembroke is the prettiest and most enjoyable hike I’ve done in Virginia. If you haven’t been to the Cascades, put it on your list and GO asap! The lower trail never goes more than 30 yards from Little Stony Creek before finally reaching the amazing 66-ft high falls. It’s a pretty easy 2-mile hike to the falls. One thing I noticed is when we got close to the creek the temperature noticeably dropped, and when we reached the falls I had to put on a jacket it was so cool. I went in March with my mom, Brent and Cam and it was just breathtaking. So many spring plants & flowers were coming to life – we saw trillium, May apples, fiddle leaf ferns, and the start of some lady slippers and rhododendrons! I can’t wait to go back later this summer or fall.


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