A Stormy Shenandoah Adventure

Emily and her family drove close to 3 hours to meet me for this shoot, and it was one of the sessions I had planned as part of an overnight mentorship. My mentee Stephanie came from Texas and I couldn’t wait for our first shoot together … but when we met up in the parking lot the sky was dark and a storm was passing through. It was a little stressful, as I definitely didn’t want to cancel, so we kept an eye on the radar and when there was a break in the rain we headed up the mountain.


A Shenandoah Proposal

This session was definitely one for the books! Chelsea is the one who initially contacted me to schedule a session for her and Charlie, and then a couple of weeks later he messaged me and said he was thinking about proposing! I was SO excited and we put together a plan: I would take them to my favorite 3 spots for photos, and at the 3rd and last spot I would tell them to stand back to back, that I wanted to try something different, and that would be his signal! Everything went perfectly – an incredible breeze, lots of


Skyline Drive Family Session

These little girls rode all the way down from northern VA with their mom and dad for these family photos and were full of energy when they arrived! I try to make sessions with little ones as fun as possible – we look for plants, bugs, and rocks, and definitely don’t stay in one spot too long. There were some beautiful wildflowers in the meadow when we arrived – I love the way tall flowers and grass filter the evening light!



Hello, I’m Sarah! Nothing would make me happier than documenting your authentic, real moments in beautiful evening light in the Virginia mountains.