A Shenandoah Proposal

This session was definitely one for the books! Chelsea is the one who initially contacted me to schedule a session for her and Charlie, and then a couple of weeks later he messaged me and said he was thinking about proposing! I was SO excited and we put together a plan: I would take them to my favorite 3 spots for photos, and at the 3rd and last spot I would tell them to stand back to back, that I wanted to try something different, and that would be his signal! Everything went perfectly – an incredible breeze, lots of gorgeous clouds, and we practically had the spot to ourselves. As usual I did go to more than 3 spots before we got to the last one, but Charlie waited until the “stand back to back” cue, and it was such a beautiful moment!!  Congrats Chelsea and Charlie, I am so happy for you both!!

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Hello, I’m Sarah! Nothing would make me happier than documenting your authentic, real moments in beautiful evening light in the Virginia mountains.