Shenandoah Sunrise Anniversary

There’s nothing like waking up at 4:15 a.m., meeting your couple in the pitch dark with fog drifting in front of your headlights, and hiking up to the top of a mountain with headlamps. Is it worth it just for a photo shoot? 100% YES. When we reached the top and stepped out on the rocks it felt like we were in another world. As the pink sun peeked through the clouds, the clouds and fog drifted across the mountains while the lighting changed by the minute. Happy 5th anniversary, Brittany and Dustin! I am so happy to have had this amazing experience with you!

If you are thinking about a sunrise session, I’ll help you choose the perfect time of year, + a stunning spot! I can’t WAIT to meet you there!!




Hello, I’m Sarah! Nothing would make me happier than documenting your authentic, real moments in beautiful evening light in the Virginia mountains.