Mountaintop Elopement in Shenandoah National Park

Jonathan & Maguire met while volunteering in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone. Their villages were 6 hours apart but they were able to see each other once a month. They are both currently in grad school in DC and wanted, in Maguire’s words, “an aspect of our wedding that was just between the two of us.” They decided to exchange their vows on a mountaintop in Shenandoah National Park, and I was so excited when Jonathan asked me if I could meet them there and document their ceremony.

I got there a little early and there were 5 photographers there with cameras and tripods, all taking in the scenery and snapping landscape photos. Just before Jonathan and Maguire arrived, everyone left and we had the entire overlook to ourselves, which is very unusual for a Saturday evening in spring in SNP!! We had the perfect mix of clouds and sun, and it was just incredible to see the changing light and shadows that danced across the valley.

Their ceremony was beautiful, effortless, and heartfelt, as each one read their vows to the other. A champagne toast followed, along with a little exploring around the overlook, and we wrapped up the evening as the sun set and golden light flooded the mountains.

Congratulations Jonathan and Maguire, I am so happy for you both and am grateful that I could be there and document this very special time in your lives.



Hello, I’m Sarah! Nothing would make me happier than documenting your authentic, real moments in beautiful evening light in the Virginia mountains.