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I loved my neighborhood workout group – we would meet at my friend Valerie’s house, do our WOD (workout of the day), run, lift, and talk about what was going on in everyone’s lives. I was so sad when Val moved because not only do I miss her a ton but I miss our regular workouts! Over the past few months I’ve done some running and an occasional workout but I realize I have lost a lot of strength and endurance that I developed when I had a regular routine.

Joining a gym wasn’t an option because for me, nothing is better than getting outside and exercising along the Mt. Vernon Trail or at Ft. Hunt Park. I decided to try some online workouts with Aaptiv and after the 1-week trial I was hooked! Aaptiv provides audio-based fitness workouts that you can tailor to your personal goals. For single workouts, just choose a workout category – treadmill, outdoor running, strength training, stretching, elliptical, indoor cycling, yoga, meditation, walking, rowing or boxing; then filter by duration, difficulty level, trainer (my favorites are Rochelle and Ackeem), and music genre. I am halfway through a 4-week program called Total Body Training with Ackeem, an intermediate program that incorporates strength training with weights, outdoor running, and stretching. Parts of this program are definitely challenging, especially yesterday’s run because I did intervals of tempo, jogging, and sprints with squats in between. You can scale the weights based on your fitness level.  iPhone pics below – Brent came with me and got his 30-minute run in while I was training with Ackeem :).

A year-long subscription is $99 – a great price for instant access to hundreds of personalized workouts! 

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