Clarke Emmalyn

Happy 2019 to everyone! I kicked off the year with my very first baby session in my home! I was so excited to see baby Clarke Emmalyn smiling and kicking when Ashley (who happens to be one of my son’s favorite teachers in FCPS) walked up to the front door.

This was such a happy way to start the new year. I couldn’t help but look at Clarke’s little hands and feet and remember what my 2 boys Allen & Cameron (ages 18 & 16) were like as babies and think about how fast they have grown up. Those years filled with Thomas the Tank Engine, Land Before Time, Elmo, and Teletubbies soon turned into Spiderman, Power Rangers, and Batman, followed by a Minecraft phase, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. I love having teenagers and seeing the adults they are becoming and realize that their personalities that emerged when they were little are still there. 

Clarke has a sparkling personality that is already shining through at 4 months old. She is an adorable little sister to 4 older siblings, 3 here on earth (Liam, JJ and Addi) and 1 in heaven (Wrigley). I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than to be able to capture these images of the littlest member of “team Hoffman!”

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